Blind Dog Bumper Collars

Is your dog blind? Going blind? Are you worried about your dog's quality of life?

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 *We are the ORIGINAL Blind Dog Bumper Collar. Beware of other products claiming to be Blind Dog Bumper Collars. 

 *They are all harnesses devices, using our name to boost their cheaper products.

Our patent-pending, Blind Dog Bumper Collars are individually made with attention to detail and pride in quality, and are recommended by many veterinarians and pet eye specialists nationwide.  These collars have changed the lives of dogs of ALL sizes, in the USA and worldwide!   This collar will give your blind dog the confidence to move around freely, without the fear of hurting their nose and eyes.  The soft, fake fur padding around the neck eliminates any irritation, and makes it very comfortable to wear.  In the sitting position, the hoop goes up in the air, but when your dog is walking, the hoop goes straight out in front of their face. 

 The smooth tubing gently guides your dog around furniture, and the wire inside the tubing allows you to adjust the hoop to the perfect level for your dog. A durable, plastic squeeze buckle makes this Blind Dog Bumper Collar easy on / easy off!  

* Does NOT interfere with dog clothing or their everyday harness.

* Does NOT interfere with eating, drinking, sleeping or playing.

* Weight balanced design helps keep hoop level.

* Dogs can still use the doggie door

* Very comfortable!

Not only does this give you freedom from guiding their every move, it’s great to see your dog's joy when they realize they're not limited anymore!

What do our customers say?


Blind Dog Bumper Collar on jack russell

My dog really took well to the Blind Dog Bumper Collar on the 1st day.  It gave her back some confidence.  Thanks again!

We are thrilled with the product!

blind dog bumper collar on corgi

Just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with my Opie's Blind Dog Bumper Collar. I just put it on him and he seems to be ok with it. He has already "bounced" off a few things and seemed relieved.  This product will save him from injury. Thanks again for having a great, useful and well made product.

Check out the Youtube videos at:

Thank You!!!!

blind dog bumper collar on tiny chihuahua

Hi, just needed to tell you I love the Blind Dog Bumper Collar - it works great for my little girl. I just wanted to Thank You!!!!