Two simple measurements will help determine the correct size collar for your dog... 

1. around the neck          2. neck to nose

If you need a PRINTABLE  TAPE MEASURE,  print at 100% scale, and do NOT select the "Fit to page" setting. You can use this to measure your dog, or you can use a ribbon or string, then measure the sting with the printable tape measure.

Measuring around the neck:

These collars work best when they are slightly snug. Measure  with one finger under the tape measure.  The measurement you get is the size collar to purchase.  If you don’t have a tape measure, use a ribbon, then measure that with the ruler.  These collars are NOT adjustable, but the fake fur provides a soft padding.  

 Slightly snug is best, although the collar will still work if it's loose.  I have a 45 pound red heeler and a 20  pound blind Corgi. When they get shaved in the summer, the collars are loose, but they do OK with them.  


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Measuring neck to nose

This measurement will help you determine if the hoop is the right size.  Measure from the middle of the neck, along the side of your dog's face,  straight to the tip of the nose, using a tape measure or ruler. 

*Tip: When  you try to measure your dog for hoop size,  put a treat in the palm of your hand so your dog will hold still for a second while you get the measurement.   

Next, check the size of the hoop on the metal yardstick to make sure  it’s the right size to clear your dog’s face. Dogs with a short nose might do better with a SMALLER hoop, and some dogs  may need a LARGER hoop.


The STANDARD  hoop size is approximately twice the neck size.  

EXAMPLE: a 10” collar has a hoop that is 20” around the face. ( including the part that is embedded on each side of the collar )