Blind Dog Bumper Collar Questions, FAQS

  blind fox terrier with BLIND DOG BUMPER COLLAR. have questions?

Can these Blind Dog Bumper Collars be cleaned?

Can these Blind Dog Bumper Collars be cleaned?

Can these Blind Dog Bumper Collars be cleaned?

These collars can be easily washed! Gently rub it in soapy water, rinse, drip dry, then fluff out the fake fur with a quick brushing!


Will grooming affect the fit?

Can these Blind Dog Bumper Collars be cleaned?

Can these Blind Dog Bumper Collars be cleaned?

If you groom your dog short, the collar will be a little loose, but will still work.  With the  "bottom weight" balance of the collar, your dog should adjust easly.


Can cats wear these Blind Dog Bumper Collars?

Can these Blind Dog Bumper Collars be cleaned?

Can cats wear these Blind Dog Bumper Collars?

Yes, with a short fake fur, cats can benefit from these collars too.

More Questions...

Do you offer international sales?  Yes I do! For international sales, please contact me before you purchase. Even though we pay a portion of the First Class International shipping, there may be a small amount of additional shipping charges.

Do you accept credit cards?   Yes we do!  You don't need a Paypal account. Paypal is a safe and secure payment program. 

To checkout using debit or credit:  Fill in your name, address, etc, Click Continue. Click the Paypal checkout button at the bottom, this will open up the Paypal pop up window. 

DO NOT login, SCROLL DOWN to see debit or credit card options. Fill in the information, then click the Paypal Checkout button. Whether you decide to use your Paypal account, your credit card, or your debit card, I never see credit card numbers and  nothing is stored on my computer.

How does the search option work?  Click on the magnifying glass icon at the top/right of the page. You can search by color, size  or SKU#.  

NOTE: "red" and "tan" search results show almost every collar listed, because of the words "STANDARD" and "covered" in the listing description.  

I see many collars are OUT OF STOCK. How do I purchase one of these? To show colors and options available, I leave the listings posted. Just contact me and tell me the SKU# you want. Custom orders only take a day or two.

 How are the collars sized?   Each collar has different fur, some of the fur is short, some long, some fur is thick, some is thinner – so even though collars may start out the same size, they are different sizes when completed. AFTER I make each collar, I measure it to see what size neck it will fit comfortably, then I double check by trying them on my own dogs or around my arm, wrist, leg, etc.

Why aren’t these collars adjustable?  They don’t need to be. My dogs get groomed very short in the summer, and the collar still works, even if it’s a little loose. I have found that if you simply measure around a dog’s neck and purchase THAT size, the collar will fit comfortably. These collars work best with a snug fit, but they will work either way, snug or slightly loose. These collars are designed to be worn with the buckle UNDER the neck. Each dog is unique in the way they get use to them, but they seem to figure them out.

Will the collar twist around the neck?  These collar are bottom-weight balanced to help the hoop stays level.  Will the collar get twisted sometimes? Yes, but if my dog’s collar gets twisted, I see him shake his body ( just like a dog would do after swimming to shake out the water) and the collar position fixes itself.

How tight should I measure?  These collars work best with a snug fit. Measure around the middle of the neck with one finger under the tape measure.  Please see our Measuring Guide page.        

Can I measure my dog’s collar to get the measurement?   No – their everyday collar, laid out flat, might be different than actually measuring around their neck. It’s best to measure around your dog’s neck so the Blind Dog Bumper Collar will fit properly.

You don’t have any listed  in the size my dog needs. When will this size be available? It’s best to stay as close as you can to the measurement around the neck.   I do the best I can to keep a good variety of sizes and colors listed,  and I’m always working on custom orders and new collars. The best thing to do is to contact me with some information about your dog (breed and weight) and I can try to help you figure out what size is best, and make a custom order for you.

Can I leave this on my dog all day?   All dogs are different, some need them in the house, some only wear them outside, some need them in unfamiliar places or if you move furniture around.  As a safety precaution, it’s best to leave them OFF if you aren’t around.  These are not toys and you shouldn’t leave your dog unattended.

What are the hoop dimensions of this collar?   When I make these collars, the STANDARD design hoop size is approximately twice the neck size.  

EXAMPLE: a 10” collar has a hoop that is 20” around the face. ( including the part that is embedded on each side of the collar )  

Be sure to double check the measurement on the metal yardstick to see the length of the hoop - to see that it’s large enough to clear your dog’s face.  There should be 2" (small dogs) to 3" (large dogs) buffer space between the nose and hoop.  Chubby dogs or dogs with a short nose might do better with a SMALLER hoop, and dogs with a thin neck and very furry faces may need a LARGER hoop. An easy way to check is to measure along the side of your dog’s face, from their collar to their nose, then check the size of the Blind Dog Bumper Collar hoop.

What is the hoop strength?  As the size of the collar increases, the strength of the wire gets stronger. Very small collars have softer wire to keep them lightweight, mid-range collars have stronger wire, larger collars have heavy duty wire. If your dog is young or very energetic, despite being blind, your dog might do better with heavier wire inside the tubing. I can also do custom orders with XHeavy Duty hoops.

Can I get a collar without any fake fur?   No, the fake fur provides padding so it’s comfortable for your dog, and it helps keep the collar balanced. By the way, all the fur is fake fur, also called "faux" fur.


If I buy two collars at the same time, can I get a discount on the shipping costs?  Usually I can fit them in the same box, and you can save on shipping charges that way.

Can I exchange it if I order the wrong size?   I will do exchanges, or issue refunds for returned/ UNDAMAGED collars.  When you receive your collar, leave the protective cover on while you try it on your dog. I want this Blind Dog Bumper Collar to work for your dog and improve their quality of life, but if the collar “doesn’t fit,” or your dog “just doesn’t like it,” you can send it back for a refund. The shipping costs are NOT  refundable - the Post Office gets their money regardless.