Custom Orders


 With a custom order, your dog will get a Blind Dog Bumper Collar  made for the specific breed, size and  weight.

Custom Sizes

 blind pug  wearing face protection halo hoop

 The collar width,  the hoop size and hoop strength can be changed to fit your dog's needs.

Custom Colors

blind dog bumper collar custom orders... no extra charge

We have a variety of colors in short and long fake fur.

Does my dog need a custom order?

If your dog is still pretty active, is young or thin, they might need a LARGER hoop.  Active dogs often need a stronger wire inside the hoop.  IF your dog is chubby or has a very short muzzle, they might need a SMALLER hoop. Older dogs with less energy and less strength do better with a lighter weight hoop.  Since every dog is different in size and shape and energy level,  we offer custom orders. No pre-paying, never any extra charges.

Even though this Blind Dog Bumper Collar is designed to be worn with the buckle under the neck (with the hoop slightly underneath the face) some people like the hoop to look like a halo and they put the collar on upside down so the hoop is above the head of their little "angel", which is fine- it works either way.


- Some people are concerned with the collar WEIGHT because their dog is very tiny, and some are more concerned with the HOOP STRENGTH because their dog is a real "bruiser" and would squash a hoop that wasn't strong enough. 

- Some people want the collar LOOSE  ( like for instance collapsing trachea issues or other medical issues)  

- Some people want the HOOP VERY SMALL  because of doggy door size restraints or they have a pug or Boston terrier with the short muzzle, and others want a VERY LARGE HOOP  for a bigger “buffer area” around their blind dog.  

- The COLLAR WIDTH varies also. Usually the 3/4” wide is for the very tiny dogs, the 1“ wide  is a little stronger, and good for small dogs. The 1  1/2” wide collar is perfect for medium size dogs ( 40 –60 pounds) who have a larger body and more moving force. The extra width of the collar allows for a stronger attaching point for the heavier hoop. The 2” wide collars are for large dogs.  

- Each dog is different too. Some dogs put this collar on and off they go! Some dogs are more timid and take their time.  Each dog has their own individual shape and weight, regardless of breed. Some blind dogs keep their head low to the ground, some hold it higher when they walk. Older dogs might do better with a Blind Dog Bumper Collar that is lighter and less hoop strength, because they don’t move around as much. Young or very energetic dogs would need a strong, durable collar to keep up with their activity level. I can also make XHeavy Duty hoops for dogs with 100% energy... dogs that run high speed straight into the wall or fence.


Transparent overlay picture

 see your blind dog custom order with a virtual picture transparent overlay

 With custom orders,  if you send me a side view pic of your dog, I will do a transparent overlay with a picture of the collar on your dog.  This will help determine and verify the hoop size. 

Your dog's picture can face to the right or left direction, I can easily flip it in PhotoShop. 

Actual collar on the dog

Blind Dog  Collars Custom Orders see your dog wearing the halo

This is the actual collar on the dog. The dog is wearing the collar upside down, but the hoop is the same size.  There should be 2" (small dogs) to 3" (large dogs) buffer space between the nose and hoop. Wire inside the hoop makes it adjustable up or down, round or oval.  

50% of our sales are custom orders. No extra charge, we try to complete them for you in 1-2 days!


So it's up to YOU - what you personally think will work best for for YOUR dog.  Please fill out the Custom Order Form. A few emails back and forth can answer any questions you have, helps you decide what works best for your dog.