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I use to volunteer at the local animal control - most of the time the old, blind dogs went straight to the euthanasia room.  When I adopted an older dog from a shelter, she was already blind.  She was very fearful and had very little desire to walk around the house or yard. To improve her mobility, I designed this bumper collar for her. It changed her life almost immediately. Once she realized she had that buffer area in front of her, there was no stopping her! SHE WAS ON THE MOVE!  

 I would like to think that these Blind Dog Bumper Collars will help blind shelter dogs get adopted, as people realize there ARE options for blind dogs. Feel free to contact me with any questions... I am here to help. If you don't see what you need, please let me know. These collars are life changing for blind dogs, and if your dog needs one, I will get it done quickly. 


A word on coronavirus: Every one is concerned about spreading this virus, and rightly so. Everyone has to be careful, especially the elderly or people with other health issues.. I live in a very remote area, 30 miles away from town. I do not have any children here or anyone else, just my rescue pets. I run errands in town approximately once per month and I have been wearing gloves and mask while I do that. I do not smoke, I am thin, I eat healthy ( no junk food or fast food), I don’t take any medications,  and consider myself to have a good immune system.  Since my product is going into your home, I am taking every precaution to protect myself and my home from germs, in order to protect you. Please stay safe! 


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